Private Lessons

£43 for 30 minutes

Group Lessons

£25 for 30 minutes

£31 for 45 minutes

4 riders maximum 


Semi Private Lessons

£31.00 2 riders maximum

We offer a wide range of activities to riders of all abilities.

We offer riding lessons with experienced, qualified instructors all year round in our two floodlit all weather arenas.

We run a young equestrians group for teenagers. Lessons are tailored to suit individuals. 

Our school holiday program provides action packed fun days and a chance to learn about looking after ponies.

We actively encourage teens, of 13 years of age and older, to help us at the riding school and stables through their own specially created club.

**PLEASE NOTE** We have a strict weight limit of 77kg


Cancellation Policy

Please note that as we are so busy we have to operate a cancellation policy. Please give us as much notice if you need to cancel or change your lesson.


Winter Weather

To keep our riders and horses as safe as possible sometimes we will require to cancel lessons. We cancel lessons during snowy weather and also during strong winds. If you are unsure if we will be running lessons, please phone our office on 01362 693344.


Rules & Recommendations

Download our rules and recommendations (PDF)

Q. Is the lesson suitable for me?

A. YES, anything you can book on ECPRO is suitable as it wont let you book if it isn't! 


Q. I can't see any lessons, does this mean there is nothing available?

A. NO, our lessons are released 14 days prior to the date so you can look really far ahead and see nothing but there are going to be lessons! 


Q. How do i book a lesson?

A. Go to;

  • Make a booking
  • Choose your date
  • Under lessons you will then be able to select a lesson and add to basket
  • Add hat/boots/gloves if required

If on the app, click and select the date rather than scroll!

Q. What if i need to cancel my lesson?

A. You can cancel your lesson online and give a reasoning for cancelling. Our cancellation notice period is currently 24 hours, if you cancel within this time it will automatically put credit on your account. We understand that a lot can happen in 24 hours which we are curteous of and may give credit on your account depending on circumstances.


Q. Can I have the money refunded into my bank account? 

A. NO, our policy when booking states that refunds are only given in account credit. We may offer a bank transfer ( minus all the banking fees) in extreme circumstances.


Q. Can I book a lesson with my friend who is a different standard?

A.  YES you can, however you will need to contact us so that we can change lesson settings. 


Q. How many lessons can i book in advance? 

A. If you have a regular space, lessons are usually on 2 months in advance and you can book those all at once. If you don't, its a case of just keep looking as lessons do pop up!


Q. Why am I riding a particular horse? 

A. Because each horse has a rider criteria, this includes height, weight, ability and workload. This is why its important to update height and weight accurately as if your horse is unsuitable due to incorrect information, there may not be a horse suitable for you to ride. 


Q. Why is there a weight limit? 

A. This is due to horse welfare, we have calculated our largest weight carrying horse and how much weight they can carry including their tack. This has worked out at 77kg. If we have any queries about your weight, WE MAY WEIGH YOU. Please do not be offended as this is a license requirement.